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Specializing in Canadian Armour Detail Parts

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Perfect Scale

PS-35067 - M105 Cargo Trailer - $49.00

PS-35135 - Tank and Pump Unit Liquid Dispensing - $49.00

PS-35140 - Leopard 1 Trackwidth Mine Plough - $45.00

PS-PE004 - Leopard 2 Photo Etch - $13.00

PS-PE009 - Ratchets for Straps-large - $8.00

Leopard Club

LW017HB - Leopard 2A4 Gun Barrel - $22.00

LW027C - Leopard 2A4 2nd Batch Smoke Launcher - $12.00

LW032 - L7 105mm Ammo Box - $7.00

LW033 - Leopard 1 Improvement Set - $20.00

LW035 - Canadian Leopard 2 Velcro Patches - $7.00

****Now Available ****

TJM-003 - Leopard C2 Mexas - $125.00

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All prices in Canadian Funds.

US Customers

Payment can be made in US $ using US Postal Service International Money Order

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Please click on the orderform icon. We will confirm your total amount (including shipping costs) via e-mail. The order will be mailed after payment is received, usually within 2 to 3 days.
Credit card payment available through PayPal in Canadian Funds.

Cheques and money orders are payable to: PW Fredenburg
Please do not send payment until product availability and shipping costs have been confirmed.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING COSTS will be calculated based upon dimensions, weight and destination of parcel. Shipping methods: Inside Canada:Expedited / Outside Canada:Air.

Orders via email will, also, be accepted. Thank you!

TJM002 - Leopard C1 Conversion Kit (Late Version)
Leopard 1A4
base kit for TJM002 Leopard C1

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